nedelja, 07. junij 2020

Back to school after the pandemic

Dear students!
It wasn't easy, was it?
Staying at home, doing things for school, making sure you catch up with all the assignments for all the subjects and hand in, or better, send all the 'proves of learning' to more or less persistent teachers that would not let you avoid responsibilities, fearing that you might oversleep and miss a video class, listening to your parents telling you school is your own responsibility and that you have to be (more) responsible, ... and you tell me what else you had to endure during the quarantine.
I can imagine.
So, why were you a bit puzzled when you were told you could go back to school. Why did it come down to you had to go back to school?
After the first week, I hope you've loosen up a bit and actually started to appreciate the opportunity to hang out with friends, get that explanation of what you were supposed to do that was really hard to understand from the witten instructions, had a few good moments away from home, and not such a bad time at all.
And I hope school isn't hard for you these last few weeks, but a manageable if not enjoyable period of time before you are off again for your fast-approacing summer holidays.
Let's make it the best end of the school year we can - together. 

torek, 21. april 2020


This week we celebrate Earth Day
Why not watch this wonderful full episode of Our Planet from Netlix
about the stunning life on Earth

Enjoy and rejoyce 
for we live on the most amazing planet there could ever be. 
And its ours to keep.

torek, 14. april 2020


While we've had some great weather so far, April showers are also a must, so don't complain!
If you're feeling blue after the holidays, having to do so much work for school again, perhaps singing in English can help. 
In the video there are some great suggestions and Vanessa from Learn English with Vanessa explains why they are really good for your English. 

1. Billy Joel: Uptown Girl (a classic)
2. The Beatles: We Can Work It Out
3. Leonard Cohen: Hallelujah
4. Queen: Somebody To Love
5. Jason Mraz: I'm yours
6. Pharrell Williams: Happy
7. Carly Rae Jepsen: Call Me Maybe
8. Taylor Swift: Shake It Off
9. Miley Cyrus: Jolene
10. Ed Sheeran: Perfect
11. Maroon 5: This Love

četrtek, 09. april 2020


Some traditions in English speaking countries. 

What about this year? This is what the Australians are planning:

And here's a cute and easy-to-make DIY idea.
Lahko si poenostavite postopek z uporabo razredčenega Mekola namesto škrobnega lepila.

A lesson during the holidays?